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There’s a lot of interest at the moment about how we can all make a difference by being greener. One simple way is by changing to use LEDs instead of ordinary light bulbs or lighting strips. A Light-Emitting Diode (or LED) is a device that converts electricity into light. They are much more energy efficient than standard bulbs or the fluorescent strips that are often used in offices and other commercial premises.

Why are they greener?

  1. Ordinary light bulbs are very inefficient at producing light, with 90% of the electrical energy being wasted as heat. LEDs are more efficient, so use less electricity to run, typically using 30 30 times less energy to run and only losing 5% energy as heat.
  2. LEDs last a lot longer than ordinary bulbs; a 6 to 8 Watt LED will run for 50,000 hours whilst an ordinary bulb lasts just 8,000 hours. This means there is less need to manufacture and dispose of old bulbs.
  3. Ordinary light bulbs can produce high levels of CO2 (carbon dioxide), which is a harmful greenhouse gas. If you have 30 standard bulbs in your house, this produces approx. 480 kg per year emissions compared with just 206 using LED lights.
  4. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury, which is harmful as it can accumulate in living organisms when we get rid of the old lights, so they should be disposed of by a registered waste carrier to avoid contaminating our environment. LEDs don’t contain any mercury or other toxic elements.

Paul Sweeney of Black Pear Electrical says “LED lighting is definitely a better choice for the environment, but people are sometimes put off by the higher initial cost of buying them. We are can guide you through the many funding schemes which could help your organisation make the change and go greener”. For a competitive price quote and friendly, professional advice about an LED upgrade, call us on 01905 700 490 or email  or read more about installing LEDs on our website.

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