Building maintenance – don’t let it get out of hand…

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The key to good building maintenance is knowing what the next job will be. It is no good letting everything pile up, so that all the work needs to be done at once. Neither your business nor your pocket will benefit from this. Putting work off as being too disruptive or too costly doesn’t help in the long run, as often the problem becomes more serious and the cost higher. Regardless of the law, ensuring that you maintain your building by dealing with issues before they become too serious is common sense.

The Electricity at Work Act requires you to have safe, well maintained electrics, for any commercial building that you manage, own or are responsible for. With an Electrical Installation Condition Reports EICR in place, you can rest assured that you are compliant. Aside from the legalities of this, it is an invaluable report for ensuring that you can keep on top of the maintenance of your building. The report will detail both defects, which need to be dealt with immediately, as well as recommendations of best practice. By knowing the problems that will arise in the future, you can be well-prepared for them. Careful scheduling around your businesses busy times of day, or year, can help you in many ways.

Businesses struggle when they are forced to close for work to be carried out, both with the loss of earning over that period and the knock-on effect of customers not returning once you have re-opened. When you know what work will need doing, you are in a stronger position to organise the work around your business. At Black Pear Electrical we can work around your opening hours, for example carrying out some work in the evenings, or on your quiet days, this will help to ensure that the disruption to your business is minimal.

By having an EICR done regularly, you won’t get caught out. You can stage the work that needs to be done, giving you more financial flexibility and time to budget. With us you can work out when the best time for you is, and then budget accordingly. Your EICR will help you to keep your building maintenance under control.

Don’t get caught out, book your EICR with Black Pear Electrical today. Call us now on 01905 700490 and keep your building well-maintained, saving you money and inconvenience.

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