Case Study / Manufacturing

Barton Cold Form

Black Pear Electrical were easy to work with and very professional in their approach. They understood that we needed minimal disruption to our production schedules and they worked flexibly to help us achieve that, coordinating well with other teams and making the job run really smoothly.
Mike Harvey, Production Manager, Barton Cold Form

The Project

Barton Cold Form is one of the UK’s oldest cold forging manufacturers, manufacturing bespoke cold forged components.

As part of their mission to be the most innovative and technically competent cold forging company in Europe, they were installing new machinery to support their business expansion.

Black Pear Electrical was asked to provide the electrical services needed.

  • Barton Cold Form 02
  • Barton Cold Form 01

Our Approach

Black Pear Electrical understood that a business that supplied more than 20 million components to customers in 21 countries every month could not afford to shut down or be disrupted.

We worked with the team at Barton’s to plan the work around production and coordinate with specialist machine installers to ensure a seamless service.

Much of the work on the shop floor was at high level (10m), requiring powered access equipment. We worked closely with the shop floor manager to ensure safe access with minimal disruption to production.

Not all the work could be completed without disruption but Black Pear Electrical’s flexibility meant the main panel connections could be scheduled for a bank holiday when the factory was shut down.

The Work Included…

  • Installation of three 200A supplies and two 160A supplies
  • Subcontracted a cable pulling team to install large cables
  • Main panel connections out of hours
  • Installation of an extension to 3 phase suspended bus bar to service the tool-shop
  • Repositioning of 3 phase suspended bus bar to suit machine locations
  • Servicing of high-level lighting