Case Study / Schools

The King’s School, Worcester

Black Pear Electrical have been working with the King's School for about 2 1/2 years. Their approach to work is really good. Paul Sweeney (MD) is easy to work with and he comes up with sensible ideas about how to get things done. We have an established pattern of communication and agree a plan of attack to get all the work done in the school holidays. Black Pear Electrical carry out all our regular electrical safety checks, as well as some remedial work, for example to our emergency lighting systems and some small installations. Black Pear Electrical are very reliable and our work is always finished on time and within budget.
Adam Winter, Site Manager at King's School, Worcester

The Project

The King’s School Worcester is an independent co-educational day school which has 35 buildings across 3 sites. Pupils ages range from pre-prep to sixth form.

Because the King’s School have historical monuments on the site it has a Historic England Preservation Order. Black Pear Electrical are aware of the sensitive nature of historic buildings and grounds being subject to conservation orders, on occasion having to work with conservation bodies to ensure these are orders are maintained.

Buildings in public use and the swimming pools require more frequent fixed wire electrical safety testing –  annually in some cases – so there is a lot of testing work to be done! Other buildings on the sites are scheduled for tests every 5 years. The school employs a maintenance electrician , who Black Pear work with to provide independent inspections and to support his workload.

We also needed remedial electrical work, particularly to the emergency lighting.

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Our Approach

We make sure work is all scheduled with the site manager outside class times so that site access is easier. Paul Sweeney ( MD) establishes  a regular pattern for communication , meeting up in advance of all the school holidays to agree what work is to be done and schedule the times into the diary.

Black Pear always carry out their work reliably, on time and on budget.

Whilst working at King’s we  also identified a major fault with large buried sub main. Our testing prevented a potentially major failure which would have taken the power out to two large classroom blocks. We sourced and made arrangements for the specialist team to locate the fault on a 100m section of buried cable along with the civil engineers and cable jointing specialist to rectify issue. This work required an archaeologist present for the excavation, due to the Historic England Preservation Order on the site.

The Work Included…

Easter 2018 until summer 2019

EICRS covering 107 distribution boards in 23 buildings across 3 sites

Remedial works including 18 distribution board upgrades

Conversion of double decker bus into a library

Identification of major sub main fault, arrangement of specialist teams to locate and rectify in co-ordination with Historic England

Emergency lighting installation & maintenance

Reactive works

Assisting on site electrician with major works

Easter Holidays 2018
EICR covering 25 distribution boards across 2 sites & 9 buildings,

Half Term, summer 2018
Remedial Works from EICR including Distribution board upgrades

Summer Holidays 2018
EICR covering 30 distribution boards across 5 buildings the main site
Distribution Board upgrades from Easter EICR
Conversion of double decker bus into a library
Assisting Richard with relocation of DT block dust extraction supplies and control
Fault identified with a 300amp switch. Arranged replacement with short turnaround time.