Won’t electrical testing disrupt my business?

Usually, a short loss of power will occur when we test each circuit in your electrical system. However, these outages can be planned to cause minimal disruption. Since each circuit is tested individually it is common for outages to be contained to smaller areas and not across your entire system all at once.

It is common for clients to have concerns about power supply to their I.T. infrastructure and computers. For this reason, we conduct a full survey before completing any electrical testing. We will work with your teams to schedule testing and circuit isolation in a way which ensures your network will not be damaged.

We understand that many businesses such as manufacturing or hospitality need to be constantly up and running. We have many years of experience managing projects like this and work closely with our clients to create installation, testing and maintenance schedules which cause minimal disruption. Because we run testing while the system is live and on individual circuits we can ensure power stays available. We can complete works, during holidays, breakdowns, process changes, cleaning or maintenance stoppages, shift changes or weekends.