Ongoing Evidence

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It is not enough to simply ensure that your buildings are safe and well-maintained, including the electrical installations. You have to provide ongoing evidence that you are doing so. In the unfortunate event of an accident or incident concerning your electrical installation, you need to be able to prove that you fulfilled your obligation of duty. An EICR, Electrical Installation Conditions Report, will do just that.

An EICR provides you with proof that you have taken responsibility for your building and ensured that a competent professional has undertake a survey of the state of your electrical installations. Your EICR, much like a car MOT, will lay out any issues with your installations as well as a suggested time scale to solve these issues. This document will show that you have taking care of your building.

At Black Pear Electrical we not only give you a copy of your EICR, but we also hold a copy for safe keeping. Many people often keep their paperwork in the building to which it relates, which while handy, can lead to problems. Should you lose your paperwork, or if it were to become damaged, you can rest assured knowing that Black Pear will have a copy.

Your EICR will hopefully show that your building is safe. If there are any problems, these issues will be coded according to severity. A C1 will mean that this needs to be made safe upon discovery, where practical to do so. A C2 shows that this is a potentially dangerous situation and urgent remedial action is required. Other advisories will be issued to bring your building up to standard before the date of the next EICR inspection. It is important to also keep records of the work being done to show that you have followed the advice laid out in your EICR. It is not the duty of the person who carries out the EICR to ensure that the work is done, but your responsibility.

With Black Pear Electrical you can be sure that your EICR testing is carried out by a competent professional. You can be sure that the advice and recommendations given will be correct, and that we will do our best to work with you to ensure that we bring your building up to standard. We understand that running a business can be complicated, so will work round you, so that you don’t have to stop work. We will keep safe records of your paperwork, so that you know that you are covered. To book your EICR today, contact us now on 01905 700490

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