Are you the manager, director, landlord or owner of a commercial property?

As a duty holder or responsible person, it is your responsibility to make sure the electrics in your organisation are safe and well maintained.

You can make sure this is the case by carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) .

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Inspection & Testing

There are about 12,500 electrical fires across the UK each year. Many of these could have been prevented with a properly installed and well maintained electrical system. Put simply, professional management of your electrical systems will save lives.

If you’re the manager, director, landlord, owner or guardian of a commercial or industrial property then under the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the electrical installation is safe and well maintained.

This responsibility begins with the installation and commissioning of any electrical systems during the building or refurbishment of the property.

However, all cables, switches, socket-outlets and any electrical equipment will deteriorate through usage and time, so they all need to be checked regularly and necessary replacements or repairs made, before they pose a risk.

Also under the “Electricity at Work Regulations 1989” you have to provide ongoing evidence that the installation is being operated and maintained safely at all times.

It’s a big responsibility!

Failure to do so can have serious consequences for your organisation, the health and safety of everyone using the installation and you personally.

So how do you ensure you’re compliant, safe and well maintained at all times?

It’s simple. Choose Black Pear Electrical.

Black Pear Electrical offer you comprehensive and expert Electrical Installation Condition Reports. These reports identify any system defects along with any required or recommended actions and maintenance plans to make sure your organisation remains compliant and safe.

We are able to undertake all types of installation and maintenance word from retail outlets to modern equipped offices, education and health premises as well as factories and warehouses.

Are you…

  • In need of electrical testing for insurance applications?
  • Taking a commercial property to market?
  • Changing ownership of a commercial property?
  • Reviewing your electrical maintenance plans?
  • Unhappy with your current electrical maintenance contractor?
  • Unsure of your responsibilities and in need of advice?
  • In possession of an EICR due to expire?

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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

An EICR will identify any defects, provide a detailed report on the condition of the electrical installation, along with any required or recommended actions required.

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