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Electrical Safety In Your Workplace

Electrical safety is vitally important to maintain safety standards in the workplace. It is all too easy to become blase about safety, especially if you are busy or behind schedule. Different working environments carry different risk levels and this needs to be respected and acted on accordingly. The challenges faced in an office environment are going to be different than those faced on a building site, but both must be acknowledged and treated accordingly.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 mean that if your building or premises is used for commercial, industrial, service or any other public or non-dwelling use then you have a legal requirement to keep the electrical system safe at all times. This applies to all business, regardless of size and includes sole traders.

Whilst the law does not state specifically that you must have an EICR, in practice EICR is the only way to ensure the system is safe and you are fulfilling your legal responsibilities. If an accident does occur because of your electrical system, being able to produce an up to date EICR and / or maintenance records can act as proof that you fulfilled your legal responsibilities and that you are not criminally liable for the accident.

For more information about EICRs please visit our FAQ

In an office environment you may be concerned that people are misusing socket extension cables, running multiple pieces of electrical equipment into one socket.  Trust us when we say a fire stemming from a socket or and extension cable is NOT a rarity. So make sure regular visual checks are carried out and that any misgivings to the designated person responsible for health and safety in your company.

In a building site environment where there can be many workers moving around or in and out of the area, it is important to make sure the ground is clear. Be aware of workers bringing their own power tools onto site, as these may not have been tested and may be unsafe. Be extra vigilant when there is water present, consider using a residual current device (RCD) between the electrical supply and the equipment, to increase safety.

Remember if you are concerned about any aspect of electrical safety in your workplace report it to the person responsible. Be aware of what is going on around you. You may be careful and tidy in your workplace, but others may not be so. Keep an eye out for trailing cables, and other trip hazards.

If you are concerned about the electrical installations in your place of work, please contact a professional electrician. Our helpful and informed team will be able to offer advice, and all our electricians are qualified, competent and professional.

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