Are your flats safe?

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Do you own or manage a block of flats? Are you responsible for the lives of those inhabitants? Have you ensured that you are up-to-date with the current regulations regarding emergency lighting for blocks of flats?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that you must have emergency escape lighting in blocks of flats or apartments. This emergency lighting shows people the fire exits from the building and helps them to leave the building quickly and safely in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

Emergency escape lighting differs from standby lighting, which is the lighting that allows shared areas to be used in the event of power failure. Emergency lighting is required in protected escape routes, where fire doors and building materials are used to provide enough time for people to escape from the building.

Emergency lighting saves lives, it is not just simply another piece of red tape, or a legal requirement. It is important that you have the correct type of emergency lighting for different areas of your building. The lighting required in a stairwell is different to the lighting required over the emergency exit door.

Once the correct emergency lighting has been fitted in your apartment block it is vital that it is tested regularly to ensure that it is functioning in the event of an emergency. In accordance with BS EN 50172:2004 / BS EN 5266-8:2004 your emergency lighting must be tested every month. This test is simply to ensure that all your luminaires are there, and fully functionally. A longer annual test must also be carried out. It is very important that you keep a record of these tests, as you will be asked to produce them to show compliance in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

When you come to Black Pear Electrical, we will help you to ensure that you are legally compliant. We will review your current emergency lighting and advise on necessary upgrades if required. We will schedule your work at times that are convenient for you, reducing disruption to a minimum. Once satisfied that your emergency lighting is fully compliant, we can schedule in regular testing so that you don’t have to think about it. You can rest assured that your building is being monitored and maintained by highly skilled and professional electricians. To book your emergency lighting review call us today on 01905 700 490

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