Don’t forget to recycle when the lights go out

Dont Forget To Recycle When The Lights Go Out

Recycling is something we are all familiar with and understand the arguments for. However, we are not as good as we could be at recycling all our waste. What do you do about your electrical waste?

While lamps are not a major source of mercury pollution, the improper disposal of large numbers does add to mercury in the environment. It is a classic example of how a little effort from us all has a big impact. The best way to prevent the release of mercury from lighting is to recycle lamps and not dispose of them in standard refuse collection services. Recycling lamps captures the mercury, allowing it to be reused.

It is estimated that businesses currently recycle just over 30% of their waste lamps annually and consumers are embracing lamp recycling as they switch to more efficient lighting technologies. This is all good news but there is plenty of room for improvement and as professional electricians, we should be championing the recycling message.

DEFRA has proposed a 2017 lamp collection target for the UK of 6009 tonnes. Convenient lamp recycling options for retail consumers are not yet widespread in all areas, but the situation is rapidly improving. Recycling mechanisms are developing independently in various regions and business sectors. Don’t put lamps in the bin find the lamp-recycling centres near you or organise a free business collection and help reduce waste.

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