Energy efficient lighting is a hot topic

Energy Efficient Lighting Is A Hot Topic

It is probably one of the least disruptive ways for us to reduce the energy usage in our homes and therefore reduce our bills.

There are a number of easy changes you can make in relation to your electricity usage that will make an immediate impact. Changing to low energy light bulbs and updating light fittings can help. An external halogen flood light is likely to use up to 90% more energy than an LED flood light.

When you first look at switching you will see that the cost of the light (with built-in LED such as a flood light) or bulbs for existing lights is more than the standard bulbs. This often puts people off but when you look at the long-term savings it pays to switch. This example of costs from The Greenage shows the difference for a single spotlight in somewhere like a kitchen being in use for 5 hours a day.

Light bulb Type 5W LED Spot 50 Watt Halogen
Light bulb projected Lifespan (Hrs) 24,000 2,000
Cost of bulb £5.00 £1.50
kWh of electricity used over 24,000 120 1,200
Cost of electricity (@ £0.15 / kWh) £18.00 £180.00
Bulbs needed to last 24,000 hours 1 12
Bulb expense £5.00 £18.00
Total cost of buying and running the bulb £23.00  £198.00

For each halogen bulb that you replace with an LED equivalent, you are potentially going to save £175 over its lifetime.

If you multiply that by the number of halogen bulbs in your kitchen, you can see why it makes sense.

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