EV chargers – Domestic ‘v’ Public

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Despite the dramatic rise in energy prices, it is still substantially cheaper to run an electric car than a fuel vehicle as long as the electric vehicle is being charged at home.

According to the RAC, the average cost of charging a car from your home is around 9p per mile, however those people reliant on public charge points will be paying around 18p per mile, this is just 1p per mile less that their petrol counterparts.

“For those that already own an electric car or are thinking of doing so, it remains the case that charging away from home costs less than refuelling a petrol or diesel car, but these figures show that the gap is narrowing as a result of the enormous increases in the cost of electricity,” RAC spokesman Simon Williams said.

Research figures show that it’s drivers who use public rapid and ultra-rapid chargers the most who are being hit the hardest. The RAC has stated that since May 2022 to date there is been a 42% rise in the cost to charge at a public rapid charge point.

One of the main reasons that there is such a gap in cost between home charging and public charging is the way electricity is taxed. Charging at home is charged a 5% vat, whist at public charge point electricity is taxed at 20%. The RAC is calling for to reduce the VAT of public chargers to equal the home charge tax.

Despite the increase cost of charging the Department of Transport is keen to reiterate that due to the “lower overall running costs thanks to cheaper charging, lower maintenance costs and tax incentives” electric vehicles, as well as being better for the environment, do offer saving against petrol and diesel counterparts.

“We want consumers to have the confidence to make the switch to cleaner, zero emissions cars, and that is why we continue to support the growth of our world-leading charging network and have pledged £1.6bn since 2020 to delivering charge points across the country,” a statement added. The government hopes there will be 300,000 charging points in the UK by 2030, but critics said the roll-out was not going fast enough to meet increasing demand.

The Office of Zero Emissions administer funding and grants to support both home and work charger installations, there is no set timescale for the availability of these grants and advice is to take advantage of them while you can.  Black Pear Electrical are authorised installers for the EV Infrastructure Grant, The Work Place Charge Scheme and The EV Charge point Scheme you can find out more about the funding available here.   So, whether you are looking for home charge points, workplace EV chargers, or installing EV chargers for your customers to use, we are here for you. No matter the size or scale of your project, we are passionate about the future of electric cars and want to work with people to facilitate this change.

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