Why choose an NICEIC Registered Contractor?

NICEIC is the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting. It’s a government-approved agency which regulates training and work in the electrical installation sector. It’s widely recognised as the most important industry body by insurers, contractors, education bodies and others within our sector.

Engineers and Contractors who register with the NICEIC are regularly assessed to make sure their skills and work continues to meet the most up to date safety standards and technical requirements.

In relation to Building Regulations Schemes in England and Wales, NICEIC contractors can certify their own work to the Local Building Control Body. This gives you cost and time savings on projects which need certification under Building Regulations.

Importantly for clients, the NICEIC offers a Platinum Promise. If for any reason you feel work completed by an NICEIC contractor is sub-standard and the contractor’s complaints procedure has left you unsatisfied, you can raise your complaint directly with the NICEIC. They will investigate your claim independently and if they agree you have a valid complaint they will help you remedy the work completed.