What do the Observation Codes in an EICR mean?

If our engineers identify a risk or potential risk they will list it in the EICR and allocate it a code, according to its severity.

These codes are:

C1 – ‘Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.’
C2 – ‘Potentially dangerous – urgent remedial action required.’
C3 – ‘Improvement recommended.’
FI – ‘Further investigation required without delay.’

Issues given a code of C1, C2 and FI will mean that you are not or in the case of FI may not, be fulfilling your legal responsibilities to keep the fixed electrical system safe. This means they should be actioned immediately.

While C3 issues are less severe, if left they may become more of a risk so it is strongly advised that these are rectified as soon as possible.