How often should I have an EICR?

This depends on a number of factors. We can give you bespoke advice on the right frequency to ensure the safety of your specific system. We will take into account the type of fixed electrical system you have, how much and in what ways it is used. We will also look at how much testing and maintenance has been conducted to date, the age of the system and any other factors which could impact the system.

If you know or suspect the fixed electrical system may have been exposed to damage or interfered with it’s a good idea to get in touch with us immediately, to discuss the best way forward

Beneath is guidance on how often EICR should be performed. However, in between formal testing, we recommend regular working condition and safety tests be completed.

Building use Recommended EICR intervals
Agricultural & Horticultural 1 year
Caravans 3 years
Caravan Parks 1 year
Churches 5 years
Community Centres 5 years
Construction Sites 3 months
Educational Buildings 5 years
Educational Areas hired out for public use 3 years
Emergency Lighting 3 years
Fire Alarm Systems 1 year
General Commercial change of occupancy or every 5 years
General Industrial change of occupancy or every 3 years
Hospitals & medical general areas 5 years
Hospitals & medical medical areas 1 year
Leisure Centres (excl. swimming pools) 3 years
Laboratories 5 years
Offices & Shops 5 years
Owned Domestic change of occupancy or every 10 years
Petrol Stations 1 year
Rented Domestic change of occupancy or every 5 years
Restaurants, Hotels & Pubs change of occupancy or every 5 years
Swimming Pools 1 year
Theatres 3 years