Goodbye to fluorescent lamps – Hello to LED

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Did you know that from September 2023, you will no longer be able to purchase fluorescent lamps.

It had previously been announced that the sale of fluorescent lamps would be banned in September 2023. However, recent amendments to the RoHS directive has now put the end of the fluorescent tube a few days earlier; from 25 August 2023.

The RoHS directive – stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances​. Specifically, it refers to the use of mercury in lamps. Mercury is considered a very hazardous substance and its use in electrical or electronic equipment is prohibited. The RoHS Directive aims to prevent the risks posed to human health and the environment related to the management of electronic and electrical waste.

The focus for alternative light sources is currently on LEDs. This is because the LED offers decisive advantages compared to fluorescent lamps. LEDs are either installed in lightbulbs, attached to strips or installed directly into lights. They can be bought as traditional light bulbs, and used in existing light fittings as a replacement for incandescent on fluorescent lamps. They have impressive durability, and a lack of breakable components, meaning they have a very long life-time; much longer than traditional light sources. Whist the initial financial outlay for LEDs maybe more, overall due to the energy savings and durability, LEDs really are the most cost effective alternative.

Consumers who continue to use halogen or fluorescent lamps will eventually need new light sources. Although fluorescent lamps may continue to be sold from stock, the supply is limited. There is no longer a supply from the manufacturer and so fluorescent lamps are gradually being withdrawn from circulation. Many manufactures are already stopping the production of the lamps, meaning that the cost of the lamps may well increase due to supply and demand, so early planning is essential. Both private and commercial sectors who chose and plan to implement the switch to more energy efficient alternatives now, will save more energy and therefore money in the long term.

Here at Black Pear, we offer a wide range of services to facilitate modernisation so now may be the opportune time to look at replacing existing lighting systems and upgrading to LED.

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