Is your insurance valid?


As a diligent duty holder, you will have insurance on your buildings. You will have made sure that you chose a good cover through a reputable company. You will have chosen a cover that reflects your business, that will support you should you ever need to claim. But is your insurance valid?

If an avoidable accident or fire occurs where electricity is suspected to have been the cause, where you as the duty holder has not followed the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989, you could be guilty of a criminal offence. If you are found to be guilty of a criminal offence, then insurers will not pay fines or compensation resulting from the incident.

If you have any doubt about your insurance, speak to your insurers. Most insurance companies will require that the electrical testing is carried out by a competent and qualified person. Make sure that your electrician is up to standard. Your insurance company will probably require that you have an Electrical Installation Condition Reports EICR. This is a detailed report that looks at the electrical installation in your building and assesses their condition. The report will state whether the electrics are acceptable or not, as well as detailing recommendations for future work.

When you use Black Pear Electrical to carry out your EICR, we will go through the report with you, so that you understand exactly what our findings were. All our electricians are competent and qualified, so that you can rest assured that your work has been done to a high standard and will be up to the requirements of your insurance company. Don’t jeopardise your future insurance claims, make sure that your EICR is up to date and has been carried out by a competent professional. If you are unclear about the requirements of your insurers, contact them and discuss it with them.

Don’t put your buildings at risk, make sure your insurance is valid with an EICR. To discuss your requirements and to see how Black Pear Electrical can help you to maintain a safe and legal building contact us today on 01905 700490 or email you can also visit our FAQ page.

Don’t leave safety to chance, your life and the lives of others are too valuable to risk.


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