The sun has got its hat on…

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We are rapidly heading towards summer and depending on the nature of your business this can mean different things. For some businesses summer is the most hectic, busy time of year, a time when the majority of the work for the year takes place. For other the summer can be quiet, with many employees and contacts away throughout the summer months. Careful scheduling can help to keep your business running as well as maintaining your building without causing too much disruption.

At Black Pear Electrical we understand the complexities of running a business, after all we run one ourselves! If your business is seasonal, we will always suggest fitting your electrical testing and any necessary work into your quieter times of year. If your business is not seasonal but is always busy and having any work carried out is disruptive, we will work with you to try and reduce the disruption to a minimum. We can carry out testing in sections on a rotational basis, this allows for less interruption, as it can be possible to work around your timings to test different locations at their quieter times of day.

Whatever your unique situation is, when you come to Black Pear Electrical, we will work with you. We don’t expect you to fit into our timescale, but rather us to adapt to fit around your business. Your business is your number one priority, and us carrying out our work in an unobtrusive way will help you to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

It is important that you ensure your EICR is up to date as required by the Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989. When your test is carried out by Black Pear Electrical, we always keep a copy of your EICR, so that if you should lose your copy, we will always have another one. You will be required to produce your EICR as evidence of your compliance should an incident occur.

If you are approaching your quiet time of year, make sure your book your EICR in, so that we can work around you. If you are struggling to work out when to fit your testing in, call us and we will find a solution that works for you and your business. At Black Pear Electrical we always work with you, at a time and pace that suits you. Call us today on 01905 700 490 to book your EICR

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