How to turn Energy Efficiency into profit

How To Turn Energy Efficiency Into Profit

At Black Pear, we want to give our customers the very best value for money at every opportunity. Many overlook the impact energy efficiency measures can have on a business. It could be LED lighting, smart controls, take your pick from a whole range of technologies. The one thing they have in common is reducing your energy consumption which saves you money. So, when people ask is energy efficiency important, the answer is yes and it is not just about your carbon footprint.

This is just as relevant for a small business as it is for the big companies. For a small business reducing the annual energy bill by £1,000 is the same as increasing annual turnover by £6,600 (working on a profit of 15%).

So, you wonder why so many businesses have not taken steps to reduce their energy costs? The Federation of Small Businesses has recently published a report citing energy costs and security as top of a list of its members’ concerns.

One of the reasons given for not installing energy efficiency measure is the capital cost. There is good news on this front through the Worcestershire 2020 grant. This grant will pay up to 35% of the capital cost of any energy saving measures, there are a few hoops to jump through but nothing too arduous!

To be eligible businesses must:

  • Be situated in and trading from Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Telford & Wrekin
  • Employ fewer than 250 employees
  • Have a turnover of less than the equivalent of 50 million Euros per annum or an annual balance sheet of less than 43 million Euros

Take a look at the details here.

Some industries such as primary agriculture and retail are not eligible for the grant. Even if that is the case the cost of changes can often pay back very quickly and we can help you to work out how to stagger the investment to work best for your business.

If you’re interested in having us install some energy efficient lighting or controls get in touch. If you’re interested in the Worcester 2020 grant scheme to help you pay for installation let us know and we can start the ball rolling. Keep checking the blog for more updates!

Update: As of June 2018 the Worcestershire 2020 grant is now closed to new applicants.

You can find more information in a number of places but we found Worcestershire Business Central and Severn Wye Energy Agency helpful.

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