Voice activated automation – is it just an expensive fad?

Voice Activated Automation Is It Just An Expensive Fad

Like any new technology, it is usually high cost to begin with and more about the future promise than the immediate payback.

Until recently automating tasks in your home was all about specific apps or programming actions on a timer. So, you could install a system to close your curtains at a set time or turn on lights and heating, but these were only available through fairly expensive installations, and controlling them was awkward.

Recent advances in voice recognition mean this is all changing, making a voice-controlled smart home completely possible without breaking the bank.

You will have heard of some of the products which are available from the big brand names but, there are some new startups out there as well.

The important thing is that although this sounds very sci-fi, the technology is on sale now. All the systems are based around a central smart hub, the ones you may have heard of are Google Home, Apple’s SIRI and Amazon’s Alexa, but there are plenty of others as well.

They all offer a central point of control for potentially as many functions in the building that you are able to synchronise them with. Being able to stream whatever music you asked it to play in different rooms is no longer even a warm up. By changing your light bulbs, switches and a range of hub connected gadgets you can turn things on and off with simple voice commands no matter where you are. Control lights, security, cameras, cookers, kettles, heating and more from one hub.

And it is not stopping there, the capabilities will grow quickly as manufacturers have released software development kits. These allow manufacturers and tinkerers to craft their own customised voice-controlled smarts that will no doubt be offered to the market as they are developed.

If you would like to understand how voice-activated automation can be part of your daily life give us a call.

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